How Does ViaSat Deliver High Speed Internet to Your Home?

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How ViaSat Satellite Technology Works

ViaSat delivers high speed satellite internet, but often times people do not know how this connection is actually made. Recently, ViaSat launched a new high capacity satellite- ViaSat-2. This satellite was created to bring faster speeds and a greater amount of bandwidth to customers across North America. When you request a page, the follow process happens each time:

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  1. The request signal travels from the modem to the dish outside your home. Next, the dish sends the sends the signal to the ViaSat-2 satellite which located about 22,000 miles above the earth. The primary role of this satellite is to relay the signal between your home and the ViaSat gateways.
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  3. ViaSat gateways are located across North America and are the ground structure that interprets your page request. Once it finds your request, it sends it back to the satellite in space.
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  5. Finally, after completing this almost 45,000 mile journey, the signal reaches your computer and your page loads. With ViaSat satellite internet, you can do everything from web browsing to video chatting and streaming.
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How does ViaSat Voice Work?

ViaSat Voice uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which delivers crystal clear calls through your high speed internet connection. VoIP converts traditional analog calls into data packets that are sent out by your satellite dish. Setting up ViaSat Voice is so easy that you are able to do it on your own. When you purchase a Voice Plan, you will receive a ViaSat Voice adapter that connects your phone to your ViaSat Internet Modem.

Professional Installation Included with ViaSat

When you choose a ViaSat satellite internet plan, all you need is a computer or other internet enabled device. ViaSat will take care of the rest. A standard installation comes includes all the necessary equipment: ViaSat WiFi Modem, outside dish, and the ViaSat-2 Satellite for your high speed satellite connection. A technician will come out to your home and determine the best spot for the fastest internet connection. Typically, your dish will placed on the roof, an exterior wall, or on a pole. If one of these places does not provide the fastest available speeds, the technician may be required to do a non-standard installation, which is not included with your internet plan. An example of a non-standard installation would be non-penetrating mount or an under-eave mount.

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